About us

Welcome to Baltland!

We are a (very) small, but up-and-coming sustainable fashion brand from Rīga, Latvia. 

At Baltland we don't treat word sustainable as just another buzzword or a marketing gimmick, but try to offer the most sustainable clothing possible. 

That is why our first product is Merino wool socks. Why Merino wool socks? 

Because Merino wool is magic! (Not really, but almost.) 

It is a natural fiber that is six times more durable than cotton, so you know your socks will last much longer. 

Merino wool has antimicrobial properties and is odor-resistant, so you don't have to put it in the washing machine after a single wear. Saving energy and water. 


We also support European and our local Baltic manufacturing, so everything, starting with merino wool yarn (made in Germany), to our socks (made in Latvia), and our packaging (made in Poland and Lithuania), is made in Europe. 


To support our local industries and reducing pollution that comes from shipping product from the other side of the globe.


Having the certainty that socks were made ethically and locally just makes them that much softer and comfortable!